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2009 - LTC2978

Abstract: LTSP LTC460 LTSpice DC1427A DC590B LTC4603EV DC1427
Text: DEMO CIRCUIT 1540A LTC2978 QUICK START GUIDE LTC2978 OCTAL PMBUS CONTROLLER WITH EEPROM POWER SUPPLY MONITOR AND DESCRIPTION Demonstration circuit DC1540A contains the circuitry needed to insert the LTC2978 into a power system and control, monitor and supervise 8 outputs. The DC1361A companion board contains 8 LTC4603EV module DC-DC converters. When plugged together with a DC1360A, it provides a complete system that demonstrates the ability of the LTC2978 to sequence

PDF LTC2978 LTC2978 DC1540A DC1361A LTC4603EV DC1360A, DC1360A/DC1361A LTC2978s LTSP LTC460 LTSpice DC1427A DC590B DC1427
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