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Text: LT1460ED Dot Matrix LED Units 16X 16 Dot Matrix LED Unit for LT1460ED Outdoor Use s , using any SHARPS device!' LT1460ED Dot Matrix LED Units (Ta = 25"C) H Absolute Maximum , Units LT1460ED s Interface Signals 1, Data being displayed corresponds to a dot pattern, where , t"'E.+Q 1 xi AODRESS nth I,ne's td(L (n 8 l)th Ifnes 1 A) td(A El LT1460ED is , C,rcu,t 1 LT1460ED 1 v.: VLED . .- LT1460ED LT1460ED 2 Sharp

PDF LT1460ED 16x16 P40xl: LT1460ED xi DOT MATRIX LED DISPLAY DRIVER 16x16 LED Matrix driver 16x16 LED Matrix pin diagram 16x16 LED matrix display led matrix 16X16 16x16 DOT MATRIX LED LH89 16x16 led matrix green red of ic 565
DOT MATRIX driver led

Text: Dot Matrix LED Units L T1460E D LT1460ED Features 1. 2. 1 6 X 1 6 D o t M atrix LED U nit for Outdoor Use Block Diagram 3. 5. 6. 7. 16X 16 dot m atrix LED unit A ctive display size: 63.7mm square T hree color em ission by use of d i chrom atic LED Radiation color: Red , S H A R P ' S device." Dot Matrix LED Units LT1460ED (T a = 2 5 C ) Symbol Vcc V LEO , ust be present at the sam e tim e or after data latch signal, and prior to the enable signal. LT1460ED

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PDF T1460E LT1460ED LT1460ED DOT MATRIX driver led

Text: LT1455M LT1460ED LT1461ED Pag e 503 506 509 512 515 518 521 524 527 530 4-digit Numeric LEDs Model No

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PDF GL3BX44 GL5BX43 GL5BX44 GL3HD43 GL3HS43 GL3HY43 GL3EG43 GL5LR41 GL5PR41 GL5HD41 LT1450ED GL6P201 GL107R12 LT9040E LT5013 LT1460ED GL8P040 GL7P210 GL5HY8 GL3CL8

Text: Yellow-green (HL)*2+Red GaP+GaAsP onGaP LT1460ED (imder development) LT1450ED (under development

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PDF 16x16 LT5001P GL8N06A GL9N06 pin diagram 16x16 LED matrix display LT1441 pin diagram of 8x8 LED dot matrix display GL8P06A dot Matrix LED 8x8 Display Driver LT1450 GL9D06A GL9D06
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