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LM79M08ACP LM79M08ACP ECAD Model Others Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan PDF
LM79M08ACP LM79M08ACP ECAD Model Others Shortform Data and Cross References (Misc Datasheets) Scan PDF

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Text: LM79M08ACP Linear ICs Fixed Negative Voltage Regulator status Military/High-RelN Output Voltage Nominal (V)8.0 Load Current Max. (A)500m Tolerance (%) Drop-Out Volt Max. P(D) Max. (W) Supply Voltage Maximum (V)-35 Minimum Operating Temp (øC)0 Maximum Operating Temp (øC)125 Package StyleTO-202 Mounting StyleT Pinout Equivalence Code3-51 # Pins3 Ckt. (Pinout) NumberLN00300051 American Microsemiconductor

PDF LM79M08ACP StyleTO-202 Code3-51 NumberLN00300051
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