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Text: LCDs · TMDS Interfaced UXGA (1600x1024): LM220W1 · TMDS interfaced XGA(1024x768) : LM151X3-B2AP , MIN. 11.4 TYP. 15.0 (12.0) 15.0 Board Only LM151X3-B2AP With LM220W1 0.4 Unit Vdc , made by LG PHILIPS-LCD. · LM220W1 · LM151X3-B2AP Board setting guide for each model: LCD Model LM220W1 LM151X3-B2AP IC201 (ROM Ver.) EPMP-90UL EPMP-90TL Vcc for LCD(JMP502) 12V 5V

PDF EPMP-90U EPMP-90U D-82110 49-89-894450-0U LM151X3B2AP MDR connector 20pin TV backlight inverter Transformers Flat panel tv LG video power supply diagram lcd tv LG power supply diagram lm151x3-b2ap J802 Flat panel tv LG video power supply section diagram LG lcd tv remote control vga cable
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