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1998 - A09102

Text: Ordering number :EN5761 CMOS IC LC74201JE Single Chip MPEG Decoder Overview Package Dimensions The LC74201JE is a CMOS IC that integrates the signal processing functions required of a video , , and similar components. unit: mm 3182-QFP-128E [ LC74201JE ] Features · Incorporation of , 31698HA (OT) No. 5761-1/21 LC74201JE Pin Assignment A09102 No. 5761-2/21 LC74201JE Pin , , 108, 110, 126, 128 pins No. 5761-3/21 LC74201JE Clock Pins Pin No. Symbol I/O Logic

PDF EN5761 LC74201JE LC74201JE 3182-QFP-128E LC74201JE] A09102 bv0 122 CdS PHOTO resistor ISO11172-2 ISO11172-3 EIA-608 DD15 DD12 yuv-to-rgb
Not Available

Text: [O rd e rin g n u m b e r :EN 5761 C M O S IC LC74201JE I S A fÊ Ÿ O l Single Chip MPEG , O o » z * O 2! io o c. m LC74201JE Pin Function P o w er S u p p ly , T , . 110, 126. 128 pins TTTTOTb 0 0 2 3 7 4 3 5^0 521 LC74201JE C lo c k P in s Pin No , on next page. 7W 07b DDB374S Qb3 523 LC74201JE C ontinued from preceding page Pin No , -V) power supply. C ontinued on next page. 524 7 c c 07 b 0 0 2 3 7 4 b TTT I l7 LC74201JE C

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PDF LC74201JE 3182-QFP-128E O49SkB> 512kB 640kB QGS37b

Text: Replacement product LC74411N LC74411NE - Type number LC7442E LC74201E LC74201JE LC74201NE LC74202E

PDF ENN6952 LC85400E LC85405JE LC85401E LC74980W LC74981W LC7861KE LC7861KE-R LC78623E LC78640E lc78641n LC85401 LC78641NE LC7869E LC78623E lc78623 LC7861KE-R LC7861KE LC74981W LC74980W

Text: LC46251C-W2 - LC74202E - LC74201JE - KNS20W-Z2 - LC4601NC-X2 -

PDF O2210HKPC LC78601E LC78629E-E LC78602HNE-8612 LC78630E LC78602HYE-8612 LC78630ED LC78602HYE-8612D LC78630E-T LC78603E-8624 Lc78690 LC78645N lc78641n lc78691 LC78690w LC75385Y LC78645 lc75386y LC78645NE LC75394N
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