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Text: KC778B Master PIR Control Chip (MPCC) Specification , KC778B Rev C, 1996 Pin Assignment : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 , . 2 KC778B 5. DC CAP: This pin connects to an external capacitor of 10 µF and holds the , . 4 KC778B 7. OFF timer delay = 5678 x (R+40,000) x C seconds, R is in Ohms, C is in Farads , KC778B to a PIR sensor, a TRIAC light switch and a silicon photodiode daylight detector. VReg is used

PDF KC778B 25sec KC778B IN4148 100uF 470uF 1N4148 triac light switch C9014 C9014 Transistor PIR motion DETECTOR block DIAGRAM PIR SENSOR IS MOTION SENSOR PIR motion DETECTOR CIRCUIT DIAGRAM photo diode motion sensor four pin PIR sensor pyro infrared sensor

Text: features and specification, please refer to KC778B 2. Minimum output pulse width can be customer specified , PIR controller KC778B in dice form PIR Sensor RE200B by NICERA Lens Ball lens of 60o detection

PDF KC7783R KC7783. KC7783R RE200B RE200B nicera KC778B PIR RE200B Sensor Pir RE200B RE200B datasheet opr12 RE200B sensor ic kc778b

Text: KC7783 PIR Sensor Module General KC7783 is a pyroelectric sensor module which developed for human body detection. A PIR detector combined with a fresnel lens are mounted on a compact size PCB together with an analog IC, KC778B , and limited components to form the module. High level output of variable width is provided. Features · · · · · · · Compact size (25 x 35 mm) Wide range of operation voltage 4-12V Special

PDF KC7783 KC7783 KC778B, 25sec -20oC -50oC PIR-SENSOR KC778B PIR sensor module ic kc778b kc7783 pir PIR datasheet pir human pir sensor PIR sensor 5V

Text: KC7786 PIR Sensor Module KC7786 is a small size PIR sensor module with built-in amplifier and logie circuit. The heart of the module is high reliable PIR controller KC778B. The PIR sensor ean be manufacturer specified. The fresnel lens is included for the detection of a human body movement at a distance of 5 meters. It is suitable for automatic illumination system, intruder alarm system. Features • Small size, 27mm square • Single voltage operation, 12VDC • Open collector output, active low • 3

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PDF KC7786 KC778B. 12VDC RE200B, RE200B PIR sensor PIR sensor module Sensor Pir RE200B PIR RE200B PIR alarm system RE-200B pir human PIR MODULE SENSOR RE200B sensor
ir sensor circuit diagram using LM358

Text: 10uF Z1 5.6V 10K R26 12 8 C22 220uF 13 7 KC778B 17 4 C2 104 15 , WITH KC778B Document Number 30604 January 1, 1997 Sheet C14 560 R18 C16 100K R16

PDF CS306 CS306 470uF ir sensor circuit diagram using LM358 TCD 8050 D transistor ir transmitter receiver LM358 CIRCUIT DIAGRAM LM358 RF receiver module transistor cs 9012 KC778B tcd 9013 IR sensor LM358 KC7783 A5885
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