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audio pitch shifting IC

Text: 12 for the IR3R41 and to pin 14 for the IR3R41N. S harp * 343 , Variable Speech Controller IR3R41 / IR3R41N IR3R41 / IR3R41N Variable Speech Controller Description Pin Connections IR3R41 The IR3R41 / IR3R41N is a variable speech con troller which restores the , ) 479-4575 SHARP338 Variable Speech Controller IR3R41 / IR3R41N Block Diagram IR3R41 B BD , Symbol Vcc P d Condition IR3R41 IR3R41N IR3R41 IR3R41N Ta;S25 C Ta >2510 A P u /t: Topr T s

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PDF IR3R41/IR3R41N IR3R41/IR3R41N IR3R41 200kH 300kH 1R3R41 IR3R41N audio pitch shifting IC IR3r IR3R41 "pitch shifting" 94107 analog delay line SHARP338

Text: IR3R32 222 IR3R41 222 IR3R41N 202 y IR3R51 202 IR3R51N 209 1R3T24 495 IR3T24N 495 IR3T26 540 / IR3T26N

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PDF IR2339 IR2402 lR2C30N 1R2C32A JR2C33 IR3N34 IR2403 IR2405 IR2406 IR2E31A IR2E27A IR2E09 Sharp IR2E27A IR2E27A SHARP IR2e01 IR2E12 Sharp IR2E09 1R2E31 IR2E27
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