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Text: IL9200AN, IL9200AD Microcircuit IL9200AN, IL9200AD (FUNCTIONAL EQUIVALENT OF HT9200A HOLTEK) is generator DTMF of signals. The IC is purposed for formation standard DTMF the signals used for frequency coding of dialed number. It is used in telecom systems, consumer electronic devices. Performed function ­ generation of standard DTMF signals and component frequencies. It is recommended to use ILA9170 , ILA9270 for decoding of DTMF signals generated by IC IL9200A. 08 01 The microcircuit is

PDF IL9200AN, IL9200AD HT9200A ILA9170, ILA9270 IL9200A. MS-001BA MS-012AA. IL9200 ILA9170 IL9170 IL920 IL9200AD IL9270 MS-001-BA MS001BA
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