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TIL920B Texas Instruments Single-Channel Optocoupler 4-PDIP
TIL920 Texas Instruments Single-Channel Optocoupler 4-PDIP
TIL920A Texas Instruments Single-Channel Optocoupler 4-PDIP
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2010 - IL311ANM

Abstract: tda8362b ILa1519B1Q iff4n60 IN1307N tda8890 IL311AN IL91214AN MC74HC123AN IL258D
Text: IL9170DW HM9170 DTMF Receiver IL567N IL567D LM567 Tone Decoder IL9200N IL9200D


Abstract: IL920 IL9170 ILA9170 MS-001BA ILA9270 IL9270 MS-001-BA IL9200AD MS-012AA
Text: IL9200AN- DIP package (MS-001BA) & IL9200AD -SO-package (MS-012AA) Fig. 2 ­ Pin assignment diagram 1 Ver.00/13.04.2009 IL9200AN , IL9200AD Table1 - Pin Description Pin Number 01 02 03 04 05 , - package (MS-012AA) dimensions 9 Ver.00/13.04.2009 IL9200AN , IL9200AD Technological mark IL9200 , IL9200AN , IL9200AD Microcircuit IL9200AN , IL9200AD (FUNCTIONAL EQUIVALENT OF HT9200A HOLTEK , ILA9170, ILA9270 for decoding of DTMF signals generated by IC IL9200A. 08 01 The microcircuit is

PDF IL9200AN, IL9200AD HT9200A ILA9170, ILA9270 IL9200A. MS-001BA MS-012AA. IL9200 IL920 IL9170 ILA9170 IL9270 MS-001-BA IL9200AD MS-012AA
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