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Abstract: 1CL8069
Text: Low Voltage Reference _ JVKÆ X\JV\ Features General Description Low Bias Current. . . 50 nA Min. Low Dynamic Impedance Low Reverse Voltage Low Cost . The ICL8069 is a 1.2V tem perature com pensated volt age reference. It uses th e b a n d -g a p p rin c ip le to achieve e xcellent sta b ility and lo w noise at reverse cu rre n ts dow n to 5 0 ^ A. M axim 's ICLB069 also fea tures excellent stability, freedom from oscillation

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PDF ICL8069 ICLB069 10ppm/ 1CL8069

Abstract: dielectric resonators
Text: ICLB069 300mV INPUT 5h h h 32768H i 4 Figure 1. Test a nd Typical App lica tion Circuit

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PDF 15-Bit, 300mV 28-Pin MAX135 AX135C dielectric resonators
e420 dual jfet

Abstract: AC digital voltmeter using 7107 MPS5010 bf320 JFET BF245 bf246 j201 2n3819 mc6821 ICL7117 VOLTMETER cookbook for ic 555 hall marking code A04 e304 fet
Text: No file text available

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