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EDI88512CA17F32I EDI Diodes (Electronic Devices Inc) Bristol Electronics 3 - -

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Abstract: EDI88512CA35CB EDI88512C
Text: ELECTRONIC DESIGNS IN C ^ED I EDI88512CA Four Megabit Monolithic SRAM 512Kx8 Static RAM CMOS, Monolithic The ED I88512C A is a 4 m egabit M onolithic CMOS S tatic RAM. The 32 pin D IP pinout adheres to the JEDEC evolu tionary standard for the four m egabit device and is a replacem ent for the 512 K x 8 m odule, EDI8M 8512C. All three 32 pin packages are pin for pin upgrades for the single chip enable 128K x 8, the EDI88128CS. Pins 1 and 30 becom e the higher order addresses. The 36 pin C eram ic T

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PDF EDI88512CA 512Kx8 I88512C 8512C. EDI88128CS. EDI88512CA25CB EDI88512CA25CC EDI88512CA25CI 006I0 A35Z EDI88512CA35CB EDI88512C
EM 319

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: sT sT ^ 0.050 0.148 max. 0 .02 ' min ; n ; a ö i r T 0.021 m >\ E D I88512C A R P Rev

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PDF 512Kx8 EDI88512CA-RP EDI88512CA17MI EDI88512CA20MI EDI88512LPA20MM EDI88512LPA25MM EM 319
IC 7587

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: 512Kx8 Ruggedized Plastic Static Ram 4 EDIBB512CA-RP Rer. 3 6 * ECM75B7 E D I88512C A -R P

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PDF EDI88512CA-RP 512Kx8 18VA/V EDI88512CA-RPRev. EDI88512CA-RP IC 7587

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: 45 140 ED I88512CA17B321 17 321 EDI88512LPA17B32I 17 321 EDI88512CA20B32B , 45 321 EDI88512LPA45B32B 45 321 ED I88512CA17F32I 17 344 EDI88512LPA17F32I , 35 344 ED 188512CA45F32B 45 344 EDI88512LPA45F32B 45 344 ED I88512CA17F36I , 45 316 ED I88512CA17N361 17 327 EDI88512LPA17N36I 17 327 EDI88512CA20N36B

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PDF EDI88512CA 512Kx8 EDI88512CA EDI8M8512C. 6/96ECO EDI88512LPA17NI

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: to replace B in th esu flixofth e partnumber, eg ED I88512C100CB becomes EDI88512C1OOCI (Industrial

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PDF 512Kx8 EDI88512C EDI8M8512C. EDI88128C. EDI88512LP) MIL-STD-883, EDI88512LP55PM EDI88512LP70PM EDI88512LP85PM ED188512LP85NB
7587 GE

Abstract: EDI88512CA17N361 EDI88512LPA20F32B EDI88512CA20N36B
Text: I88512CA17B321 EDI88512CA20B32B EDI88512CA25B32B EDI88512CA35B32B EDI88512CA45B32B ED I88512CA17F32I EDI88512CA20F32B EDI88512CA25F32B EDI88512CA35F32B EDI88512CA45F32B ED I88512CA17F36I EDI88512CA20F36B EDI88512CA25F36B EDI88512CA35F36B EDI88512CA45F36B ED I88512CA17N361 EDI88512CA20N36B EDI88512CA25N36B

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PDF EDI88512CA 512Kx8 EDI88512CA EDI8M8512C. EDI88128CS. 20VA/V 6/96ECO 7587 GE EDI88512CA17N361 EDI88512LPA20F32B EDI88512CA20N36B
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