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2013 - Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: 試験成績書 TEST REPORT Model : HS35S2FR-J 35W Constant Current Mode LED Lighting Power , ³¶ 田 本 承認 Approval '13,01,23 (寿) 2013/1 REV. 1 HS35S2FR-J LED , / 100VAC 200ms / 240VAC Pass HS35S2FR-J TEST REPORT Pass 1 / 6 HS35S2FR-J LED Lighting , Power Factor HS35S2FR-J TEST REPORT 2 / 6 HS35S2FR-J No. 3 é …ç›® Item , Pri-Sec: 3kVAC/1min <10mA Pri-FG: 1.5kVAC/1min <10mA Sec-FG: 500VAC/1min <100mA HS35S2FR-J TEST

PDF HS35S2FR-J 10-55Hz, 294m/s HS35S2FR-J
2014 - Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: 1 2 3 4 LED 照明用電源 HS35S2FR-J 仕様書 LED Lighting Power Supply HS35S2FR-J Specification A A 1.適用範囲 Application 本仕様書は LED 照明用定電流電源( HS35S2FR-J )に適用する。 This specification is applied to constant current power supply ( HS35S2FR-J ) for LED lighting. 2.使用環境条件 Operating Environmental Condition é …ç›® Item å ,  称 ç®± '14.09.30 田 '14.09.30 HBE シリーズ仕様書 HS35S2FR-J HBE Series

PDF HS35S2FR-J HS35S2FR-J HS35S2FR-J) SK-115074
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