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Abstract: ZTTCC
Text:  HM33EE03Ö33 JON Ceramic Resonator Features Low cost With built in capacitor Low frequency range Applications Microprocessor system Pager Remote controller Cassette recorder Telephone Communication equipment TV VCD player Specifications (Characteristics) Item Specifications Frequency Range 1.800MHz~8.00MHz Frequency Accuracy ± 0.5% Temperature Stability at -20"C ~ +80"C ± 0.3% Internal Capacitance C1, C2 :22pF Aging for 10 years ± 0.3% Applicable IC 1/6 TC 4069 UBPX2 Package 4000pcs

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PDF HM33EE03Ã 800MHz 00MHz 4000pcs TC4069UBPX2 M36M ZTTCC
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