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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: This document Is the property of Amphenol Corporotlon c REV ISIO N S SYM A 2XPIN #1 MARK 0.1 MAX. HT.- -(1 .5 0 ) ECN DESCRIPTION HK2341 R ELEASED TO TOOL DATE F A B R IC A T IO N APPRO VED 09/16/02 ip -2 2 X 0 .4 5 + 0.10 O rder P a r t N u m b er: SA TA -001- 0 0 1 (1.80) NOTE: 1. INTERPRET DRAWING PER ASME Y14.5N 1994. MATERIAL ^ HOUSING: 30%MIN. GLASS FILLED HIGH TEMP THERMOPLASTIC UL 9 4 — VO RATED.MATERIAL PER UL QMF Z2 COLOR

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