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Text: 1.2 30 130 24 High S p e e d High Voltage, with B ase Connection Part Number HIIG1 HIIG2 HIIG3

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PDF IS660 IS661 IS662 Volt832S ISTS832SD ISTS870A/B ISTS871A/B ISTS875A/B ISTS876A/B ISTS904 ISTS875A mct isocom HIIG2 CNY17-2 H11j HIIG3 ISTS805 SFH60

Text: HIIG2 80 HIIG3 1U0U% LIR and low Dark Current 55 200 High Sensitivity, without Base

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PDF 100mA IS660 IS661 IS662 ISTS149 M003030 ISTS150 MOC3031 ISTS151 MOC3032 M0C3011 photo transistor til 78 ic moc3041 ICPL2503 ICPL3700 IS2100G ISTS401 ISTS832SD ISTS875A ICPL2502
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