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Abstract: mosfet hfu1n70
Text: BVDSS = 700 V RDS(on) typ = 14.0 HFD1N70 / HFU1N70 ID = 0.8 A 700V N-Channel MOSFET , Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol HFU1N70 S TC=25 unless otherwise specified Parameter Value , minimum pad size recommended (PCB Mount) SEMIHOW REV.A0,Dec 2008 HFD1N70 / HFU1N70 Dec 2008 , . Essentially Independent of Operating Temperature SEMIHOW REV.A0,Dec 2008 HFD1N70 / HFU1N70 Electrical Characteristics TC=25 °C HFD1N70 / HFU1N70 Typical Characteristics Figure 1. On Region

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