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power supply 5v

Abstract: HA19211BMP
Text: HA19211B, HA19212 Series High-Speed, Low-Power 8-bit A/D Flash Converter The HA19211B/HA19212 series high-speed, lowpower 8-bit A/D flash conveners require no sampling or polling circuits. The digital outputs and clock inputs of these monolithic bipolar ICs arc fully TTL/CMOS compatible. These dcviccs arc suitable for high-speed image processing applications such as video signal digitization. H A I9 2 U B P , HA192I2P (DP-28) HAI9211BNT. HA19212NT Features ยท8-bit resolution (with overflow

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PDF HA19211B, HA19212 HA19211B/HA19212 HA192I2P DP-28) HAI9211BNT. HA19212NT 250mW DP-30S) power supply 5v HA19211BMP
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