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transistor vergleichsliste

Abstract: OC44 AD149 ASZ16 siemens transistor asy 27 AF124 ASZ15 GD241 transistor gc301 AC125F
Text: GT310D 102 GF129 100 P401 100 GT310E 102 GF126 100 P407 101 104 AF101 GT309A 101 P409 101 104 GT309B , AF115 AF125 AF135 112 112 112 114/115 114/115 114 GT309A GT309B GT309W GT309G GT310A GT310B GT310W

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sowjetische transistoren

Abstract: MP21E MP21D UdSSR ASZ16 KT904 KT315 OC1072 ASZ1016 asz15
Text: Z u lä s s ig e H ö c h s tw e rte : ~ °CßO UCcR bei 0 H 1 ^ i * to t h22b C, 0 < 10 pF GT309A r

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y51 h 120c

Abstract: ac128 bd192 bd124 MM1711 BD214 al103 KT368 AFY18 BFQ59
Text: No file text available

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PDF 500MA 500MA 240MWF 240MWF y51 h 120c ac128 bd192 bd124 MM1711 BD214 al103 KT368 AFY18 BFQ59
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