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Text: Data Sheet Model No.: GP27A Type : Alkaline High Voltage Battery Chemical System : Zinc / Manganese Dioxide Nominal Voltage : 12V Nominal Dimension : 7.7 X 28.0mm Terminal : Nickel plated flat contacts - protruded red (+); recessed black (-) Jacket : Metal jacket Internal Connection : Pressure Applications : Remote controller Average Weight : 4.4g Date Code : Every battery will carry a numeric year code and an analogue month code

PDF GP27A ZRS1130 GP27A GP 27A 12V 27a battery duracell GP 12V 27A GP-27A VARTA battery 1.2V

Text: 4.4 GP27A 713320C 10 x 28 ­ 12 10 x 28 7.5 GP23A 713310C AAA LR03

PDF GP27A 713320C GP23A 713310C GP24A 712080C GP15A 712150C GP14A 712260C 6Lf22 6f22 AA batteries Zinc GP1604G GP1604A 6LR61 6LR61 NiMH zinc chloride GP27A 6F22 zinc chloride
1997 - MPT1340

Text: : Length : 109mm, Width : 64mm, Depth : 24mm PP3 Battery Type : GP27A Battery Type : ANTENNA The

PDF Rece0-0546 22-Jun-97 MPT1340 antenna 433MHZ PCB 1997 single board antenna receiver 226344 RS Components 2263433
2002 - induction cooker fault finding diagrams

Text: No file text available

PDF 03front induction cooker fault finding diagrams enamelled copper wire swg table AC digital voltmeter using 7107 wiring diagram IEC320 C14 Inlet Male Power Socket Fuse Switch db 3202 diac siemens mkl capacitor YY63T varta CR123A HXD BUZZER lt700 transformer
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