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GP1USC32XP GP1USC32XP ECAD Model Sharp Microelectronics Sensors, Transducers - Optical Sensors - Photo Detectors - Remote Receiver - RECEIVER IR REMOTE CTRL Original PDF

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1998 - GP1USC31XP

Abstract: GP1USC34XP GP1USC30 GP1USC34 sharp lot number format
Text: : ); refer to page 12. Part Number GP1USC30XP GP1USC31XP GP1USC32XP GP1USC33XP GP1USC34XP Applications , : Approx 0.06 g Month (1 - 9, X, Y, Z) Year (2009: 9) Model Number GP1USC30XP GP1USC31XP GP1USC32XP , Figure 2 GP1USC30XP GP1USC31XP Bandpass Frequency center o GP1USC32XP GP1USC33XP GP1USC34XP Output pullup

PDF 2002/95/EC) OP008905 GP1USC31XP GP1USC34XP GP1USC30 GP1USC34 sharp lot number format
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