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Abstract: 128x16 iee vfd VFD Drive GMW12816AA NR30 01443 C8255
Text: _gg2 qoz MERCATOR VFD MODULES_GMW12816AA GMW12816AA Static Active Matrix VFD Module • 128x16 Fine Dot Matrix • 90mm x 22mm PCB Dimension • Low Operating Voltage 15VDC • Ultra High Brightness Display • Low RFI Static Drive • Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C This is a compact and high brightness active matrix vacuum fluorescent display with built in shift registers and has a serial data output to re-circulate data. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATION

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PDF GMW12816AA GMW12816AA 128x16 15VDC 55mAAC UNISSUE-DOC-08/04/97 Mercator iee vfd VFD Drive NR30 01443 C8255
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