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BT 152 600R Philips

Abstract: BT152 BT 152 bt152400r crowbar OC222 bt152 800r BT152-400R 800R 600R
Text: N AMER PHILIPS/DISCRETE b^E d ■GG27320 0^3 hapx BT152 SERIES THYRISTORS Glass-passivated thyristors in TO-220AB envelopes, which are particularly suitable in situations creating high fatigue stresses involved in thermal cycling and repeated switching. Applications include temperature control, motor control, regulators in transformerless power supply applications, relay and coil pulsing and power supply crowbar protection circuits. QUICK REFERENCE DATA BT152-400R 600 R 800 R Repetitive peak

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PDF GG27320 BT152 O-220AB BT152-400R 220AB D8615A BT 152 600R Philips BT 152 bt152400r crowbar OC222 bt152 800r 800R 600R
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