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ferrite beat

Abstract: ferrite 4312 Scans-004952 MLAP GG267
Text: N AMER PHILIPS/DISCRETE blE D bbSB^ai GG267Ö6 Ü7T ■APX BLT93/SL A UHF POWER TRANSISTOR NPN silicon planar epitaxial transistor primarily intended for use in hand-held radio stations in the 900 MHz communications band. This device has been designed specifically for class-B operation. Features • internal input matching capacitor for a high power gain • gold metallization ensures excellent reliability The transistor has a 4-lead studless envelope with a ceramic cap (SOT122D). All leads

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PDF GG267Ã BLT93/SL OT122D) ferrite beat ferrite 4312 Scans-004952 MLAP GG267
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