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Abstract: YM7121 YM7402
Text: DIGITAL AUDIO Analog Servo Processor blE D WSSEM 'iS? 7bb IYAHA YAMAHA CORP OF AMERICA/ ASP GDRIOI OUTLINE -p 77" ^ ( GDR101 is a bipolar LSI for analog signal processing and for servo control of compact disc players, suitable for 3-beam system. CD player system can be constructed easily by combining with YM3805(SPC), YM7121C(SPC5), YM7402(CDVP). FEATURES · Single power supply(+5V) or dual power supply system(±5V) are selectable. · CD player system can be made by using

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PDF GDR101 YM3805 YM7121C YM7402 YM7121C. YM7121C, YM7121

Abstract: FZK105 upd101 SNF10 SN76131 TAA700 FZH111 MFC8010 FZJ101 MFC8001
Text: 411 GDJ166 412 GDJ176 303 GDI186 24 GDN106 416 GDN116 303 GDN126 417 GDR101 396 GDR101-1000 423 GDR101-3000

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PDF Grou19 CN127-128-638 ZN220-320. CN131-132-642. ZN221-321. CN133-134-644. ZN248-348. CN135-136-646 ZN222-322. CN121-122-682. FZK101 FZK105 upd101 SNF10 SN76131 TAA700 FZH111 MFC8010 FZJ101 MFC8001
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