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Abstract: pal22v16 mach210
Text: low. 76 MACH210-10/12/15/20, Q-15/20 bOE D D257S5b G033Q72 E&B M A U D E

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PDF MACH210A-10 MACH210-12/15/20 MACH21OAQ-15/20 PAL22V16" MACH110, MACH215 MACH210 MACH210-10/12/15/20, Q-15/20 210AQ pal22v16

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: SECTOR POO - PDS, PD7 40E T > 4302271 G033Q55 fl ES HAS i ^ . i Parallel Ports Ports A, B, and C

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PDF CDP6QHSC05C4, 16-Blt 40-Pln 44-Lead CDP68HC05C4, CDP68HC05C8, CDP68HC05C7 40-Lead LIGHT DEPENDENT RESISTOR 10 MM
Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: bOE D ■D2S7S2b G033Qüfl 3fl7 ■AMD2 ADV niCRO PLA/PLE/ARRAYS COM’L: -12/15/20 "T- ll-Q)r] MIL: -20 MACH110-12/15/20 High-Density EE CMOS Programmable Logic Advanced Micro Devices DISTINCTIVE CHARACTERISTICS ■44 Pins ■38 Inputs ■32 Macrocells ■32 Outputs ■12 nstpo Commercial 20 ns tpD Military ■32 Flip-flops; 2 clock choices ■66.7 MHz fMAx Commercial 40 MHz f MAX Military ■Pin-compatible with MACH210, MACH215 ■2

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PDF G033QÃ MACH110-12/15/20 MACH210, MACH215 PAL22V16â ACH110 PAL22V10
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