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2012 - Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: Product Change Notification PCN Publish Date: PCN#: 03/19/2012 Revised 04/13/2012: Added VCXO-B Series 386 Change Title: Product End of Life (EOL) Products Affected: DIP Oscillators (XO, VCXO, TCXO)  F5C-2ELF Series  H5C-2ELF Series  F5C-2E3LF Series  H5C-2E3LF Series  F1100ELF Series  VCXO-BLF Series  VCXO-CLF Series  VCXO-DLF Series  FOX782LF Series  FOX781LF Series See list of all affected product part and model numbers on the following pages

PDF F1100ELF FOX782LF FOX781LF FOX782CLF 616LF-Freq-xxxxx FOX782DLF 777LF-Freq-xxxxx FOX782BLF 242LF-Freq-xxxxx FOX781BLF
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