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1998 - FND337

Text: 0.362 INCH (9.2MM) SINGLE DIGIT STICK DISPLAY Bright Red FND330C, FND337C, and FND338C PACKAGE DIMENSIONS FEATURES Easy to read digits. Common anode or cathode. Low power consumption. Bold segments that are highly visible. High brightness with high contrast White segments on a grey face , Cathode, Rt Hand Decimal. FND338C Bright Red Overflow, Common Cathode, Rt Hand Decimal. (For other color , STICK DISPLAY PINOUT FND330C - Common Anode FND337C - Common Cathode FND338C -

PDF FND330C, FND337C, FND338C FND330C FND337C FND338C FND330C FND337C FND337 FND COMMON CATHODE DISPLAY display pinout fnd display FND3
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