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Abstract: FLD130C2BN FLD130
Text: FLD130C2BN is an InGaAsP/lnP double heterostructure laser diode module in a 14 pin dual-in-line package with , high reliability APPLICATIONS 50 ITH^TSh 00040^7 flb7 FLD130C2BN ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc =

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PDF FLD130C2BN 374ci75b FLD130C2 FLD130

Abstract: FLD130C2PM FLD130C2 FLD130 moduli
Text: Local loop Interoffice and intraoffice • Data communication • LAN DESCRIPTION FLD130C2PM is an , stability. APPLICATIONS • Telecommunication 58 ■37HT75b GOGMIOS 7b3 ■FLD130C2PM ABSOLUTE , ° C it ill 1320 374T75I3 □□□4TD7 S3b 60 FLD130C2PM Fig. 5 Temperature Dependence of

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PDF FLD130C2PM iH75b 374175b S3B60 FLD130C2 FLD130 moduli

Abstract: FLD130C2 FLD130 InGaAsP 130C2
Text: FLD130C2LK is an InGaAsP/lnP double heterostructure laser diode module in a small coaxial type package with , ^ □□□HTDl Dlfi FLD130C2LK ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc = 25°C) Parameter Symbol Condition Ratings Unit , 1300 1310 Wavelength (nm) 1320 56 374175b 0004103 110 FLD130C2LK InGaAsP/hiP LASER DIODE MODULE

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PDF 130C2LK FLD130C2LK 374T75L. 0G04T04 FLD130C2 FLD130 InGaAsP 130C2
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