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Abstract: Z80 PROCESSOR in aerospace LC83010N LC83010 LC83010NE PGA100 AD 8301 LC83EV010N
Text: Ordering number: EN3945A _CMOS LSI N*3945A / LC83010N.83010NE AUDIO DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR Overview The LC83010N, 83010NE is a single-chip digital signal processor (DSP). It is designed for use in the application fields such as a digital processing of audio signals. The LC83010N, 83010NE CMOS processor has various on-chip filtering circuits such as a graphic equalizer for reproduction of sound quality. It also has simulation circuit for reverberation (sound reflection and echo), so that sound field

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PDF EN3945A LC83010N 83010NE LC83010N, 83010NE LC83010NE LC83010 LC83010E Z80 PROCESSOR in aerospace PGA100 AD 8301 LC83EV010N
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