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ELM832A ELM832A ECAD Model ELM Technology Single Type, 200kHz Bandwidth, 1.2V Operation, Low Current Consumption, Push-Pull Output, SOT-25 Package Original PDF

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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: Common-Mode Voltage Range The ELM832A. , common-mode input range is fixed under the condition of CMRR50dB , ELM832A LOW POWER CMOS OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER GENERAL DESCRIPTION ELM832A is a low power , -25 No. 86 Mark B 09 09 Contents ELM832A Lot No. Lot No. LOW POWER CMOS OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER ELM832A STANDARD CIRCUIT (ex. non-invert amplify circuit) + ELM832A - IN OUT , -40+125 Pd Top Tstg 87 V V V Sec. mW LOW POWER CMOS OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER ELM832A

PDF ELM832A ELM832A 200kHz OT-25. 10s/Div 100mVp-p
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