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Abstract: ELC1043 ELC2000 ELC1042 AT4042 U321 U322 EHT COIL AP series AT1062
Text: Television assemblies tuners (with diode tuning) book 3 part 5 Supply voltage V Noise factor Power gain Type No. Channel coverage transistors tuning diodes dB dB ELC1042 v.h.f. UK: 406,625 CCIFI +12 + 0.3 to + 28 7 20 ELC1042/05 same as ELC1042, but i.f. coil is different ELC1043/05 u.h.f. 21 to 69 +12 + 0.3 to + 25 7 22 ELC1043/06 same as ELC1043/05, but i.f. coil is different ELC2000 v.h.f./u.h.f. C.C.II.R. E5 to E12 E2 to C E21 to E69 +12 + 0.5 to + 28 6 to 13 depending on

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PDF ELC1042 ELC1042/05 ELC1042, ELC1043/05 ELC1043/06 ELC1043/05, ELC2000 AT4042/D2 AT1040/15 AT1027/AT1029 TELEVISION EHT TRANSFORMERS ELC1043 AT4042 U321 U322 EHT COIL AP series AT1062

Abstract: BT100a 02 CQX82A TRIO TA 80W CV7351 ZP1481 CV2154 triac mw 151 500r PL5727 ZP1430
Text: ELC1042/05 ELC1043/05 ELC1043/06 ELC2000 ELC2004 EM87 EN32 M O D D D D D D O M FX2857

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