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DSF912SM24 DSF912SM24 ECAD Model AEI Semiconductors Power Semiconductors Data Book 1974 Scan PDF
DSF912SM24 DSF912SM24 ECAD Model Others Shortform Semicon, Diode, and SCR Datasheets Scan PDF

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Text: DSF912SM24 Diodes General Purpose Fast Rectifier Military/High-RelN I(O) Max.(A) Output Current600 V(RRM)(V) Rep.Pk.Rev. Voltage2.4k t(rr) Max.(s) Rev.Rec. Time3.8u @I(F) (A) (Test Condition)500 @I(R) (A) (Test Condition) V(FM) Max.(V) Forward Voltage2.1 @I(FM) (A) (Test Condition)1.2k @V(RM) (V) (Test Condition) I(RM) Max.(A) Reverse Current @V(R) (V)(Test Condition)2.4k I(RM) Max.(A) Pk. Rev. Current50m @V(R) (V) (Test Condition) @Temp. (øC) (Test Condition)150# Semiconductor

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