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Abstract: C74HC74 cs8414 HDR1X2 QC443 HDR1*3 MAS 20 RCA DS297
Text: notice. Copyright© Cirrus Logic, Inc. 1998 (Ali Rights Reserved) OCT `98 DS297DB1 1 CDB4340/41 , marks can be found at http://www.cirrus.c0m. 2 DS297DB1 CDB4340/41 1.0 CDB4340/41 SYSTEM , externally generated clocks and data. The schematic for the clock/data I/O is shown in DS297DB1 3 , passive filter Table 1. System Connections 4 DS297DB1 2 ! SSS - CDB4340/41 JUMPER CSLR , requires the CS4340/41 to operate in the external serial clock mode. DS297DB1 5 JUMPER CSLR/FCK

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PDF CDB4340/41 CS4340 CS4341 CS8414 EIAJ-340 CDB4340/41 CS4340/41 24-bit, CS4341 DEM8414 C74HC74 HDR1X2 QC443 HDR1*3 MAS 20 RCA DS297
1999 - HDR15

Abstract: DS297
Text: 02/10/99 Errata: CDB4340/41 Rev.A Evaluation Board Correction (Reference CDB4340/41 Evaluation Board Data Sheet revision DS297DB1 OCT `98 and the CDB4340/41 evaluation board revision A.0) Headers 15 and 17 and Test Points 6 and 8 are mislabeled. The correct labeling is as follows: HDR15 HDR17 (Test Point) 6 (Test Point) 8 DIF1/SCL/CCLK DEM0/AD0/CS DIF1/SCL/CCLK-A DEM0/AD0/CS-A If there are any questions concerning this information, Please contact Application Engineering at 512-445-7222

PDF CDB4340/41 DS297DB1 HDR15 HDR17 ER297B1 DS297
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