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1999 - SW-DIP 6

Abstract: A6 DIODE 1n4148 CDB61581 CS61581 HDR12 PE-64936 PE-65351
Text: notice. Copyright © Cirrus Logic, Inc. 1999 (All Rights Reserved) OCT `99 DS211DB2 1 CDB61581 , Cirrus Logic, Inc. trademarks and service marks can be found at 2 DS211DB2 , attenuator path selection; - LBO1, LBO2: line build out settings. DS211DB2 All switch inputs are , CS61581. DS211DB2 CDB61581 6. LED INDICATORS 8. TRANSFORMER SELECTION The four-LED pack D1 , * Default setting from the factory; *R3-R4 are shorted by placing HDR1-HDR2 in MATZ positions. DS211DB2

PDF CDB61581 CS61581 PALCE20RA10H MC74F14N CDB61581 SW-DIP 6 A6 DIODE 1n4148 HDR12 PE-64936 PE-65351
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