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DPS89082 DPS89082 ECAD Model Daico Industries DAICO_Phase Shifters Original PDF

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2005 - DPS89082

Abstract: phase shifter DPS42028 DPS42029
Text: MODEL NUMBER DPS89082 Phase Shifter 8 Section FEATURES · 500-1000 MHz · 100 mA, +15 VDC · Field Replaceable SMA Connectors · Also Available in Dual 38 Pin DIPs as DPS42028 and DPS42029 8 BIT DAICO Industries 310.507.3242 · FAX 310.507.5701 · 267 Daico Industries

PDF DPS89082 DPS42028 DPS42029 DPS89082 phase shifter DPS42029
Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: 100D0898 100-300 DPS89032 500-1000 DPS89082 214 DAICO INDUSTRIES

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PDF DBP0938 DBP0738 DPMB9058 DPS52181 DP0891 DP0921 100D0896 100D0898 DPS89032 DPS89082
RF 107 mic

Abstract: 100C1295 DPS42028
Text: Assembly, RF 8 Channel DSWM9073 Connectorized Antenna Selector DSWX9078 8 Section Phase Shifter DPS89082

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PDF DS0028 DA0035 DS0052 DS0073 DS0085 DS0097 DA0098 DS0137 DA0243 DA0285 RF 107 mic 100C1295 DPS42028
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