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DPDD128MX8XSBY5 DPDD128MX8XSBY5 ECAD Model DPAC Technologies DDR Sdram 1 Gigabit Original PDF

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2002 - TSOP 66 Package

Text: ADVANCE D COM P ON E NTS PACKAG I NG 1 Gigabit CMOS DDR SDRAM DPDD128MX8XSBY5 DESCRIPTION: The Memory StackTM series is a family of interchangeable memory modules. The 1 Gigabit Double Data Rate Synchronous DRAM module is a member of this family which utilizes the space saving LP-StackTM , Megabit based LP-StackTM module, DPDD128MX8XSBY5 , has been designed to fit in the same footprint as the 64 , -Pin Leadless TSOP Stack DQ0-DQ7 1 1 Gigabit CMOS DDR SDRAM DPDD128MX8XSBY5 ORDERING INFORMATION

PDF DPDD128MX8XSBY5 DPDD128MX8XSBY5, 53A001-00 30A254-01 TSOP 66 Package DPDD128MX8XSBY5 TSOP 56 LAYOUT
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