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DP5Z2MK16PI3 DP5Z2MK16PI3 ECAD Model DPAC Technologies 32 MB Flash EePROM (2mx16) Original PDF

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Abstract: DP5Z2MK16PH3 DP5Z2MK16PI3 DP5Z2MK16PJ3 DP5Z2MK16PY
Text: available with conventional through-hole, surface mount or hybrid techniques. DP5Z2MK16PI3 FEATURES , Lockout during Power Transitions ยท Packages Available: DP5Z2MK16PY 48 - Pin SLCC DP5Z2MK16PI3 48 -

PDF 2Mx16, 200ns, 30A161-02 DP5Z2MK16Pn3 DP5Z2MK16n3 50-pin 32-Megabits DP5Z2MK16PY DP5Z2MK16Pn3 30A161-32 DP5Z2MK16PA3 DP5Z2MK16PH3 DP5Z2MK16PI3 DP5Z2MK16PJ3 DP5Z2MK16PY
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