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DP5Z1MX8NKA3 DP5Z1MX8NKA3 ECAD Model DPAC Technologies 8 MB Flash EePROM (1mx8) Original PDF

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Abstract: 00FIH
Text: / DP5Z1MX8NKA3 PRELIMINARY DESCRIPTION: The DP5Z1MM8NKY/I3/H3/J3/ DP5Z1MX8NKA3 `'SLCC'' devices are a , /I3/H3/J3/ DP5Z1MX8NKA3 is a 1 Meg x 16 FLASH EEPROM memory devices. Each SLCC is hermetically sealed , Gullwing Leaded SLCC DP5Z1MM8NKJ3 48 - Pin `'J'' Leaded SLCC DP5Z1MX8NKA3 50 - Pin PGA Dense-SLCC DP5Z1MX8NKA3 30A189-01 REV. B DP5Z1MM8NKJ3 DP5Z1MM8NKH3 This document contains information on a , change products or specifications herein without prior notice. 1 DP5Z1MM8NKY/I3/H3/J3/ DP5Z1MX8NKA3

PDF 200ns, 30A189-01 50-pin DP5Z1MM8NKH3 00FIH

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: / DP5Z1MX8NKA3 "S L C C " devices are a revolutionary new memory subsystem using Dense-Pac Microsystems' ceramic , DP5Z1MM8NKY/I3/H3/J3/ DP5Z1MX8NKA3 is a 1 Meg x 16 FLASH EEPRO M memory devices. Each SLCC is hermetically , through-hole, surface mount or hybrid techniques. 8 Megabit FLASH EEPROM DP5Z1MM8NKY/Í3/H3/J3/ DP5Z1MX8NKA3 , / DP5Z1MX8NKA3 PR ELIM IN A R Y Dense-Pac Microsystems, Inc. FU N CTIO N A L BLOCK D IA G R A M PIN -O , TIM IN G CYCLE 10 30A1Ô9-01 REV. B 17 DP5Z1MM8NKY/I3/H3/J3/ DP5Z1MX8NKA3 PRELIM INARY

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PDF 50-pin 150ns 200ns 30A159-01 30A18
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