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8540 B&K Precision Corporation DC ELECTRONIC LOAD 150W
2407A B&K Precision Corporation DMM MINI PRO AUTO/MANUAL RANGE
PR 37AG B&K Precision Corporation GRAY PROBE 37AG 6/150MHZ 48"
PR 28A B&K Precision Corporation HIGH VOLTAGE PROBE DMM'S
LC 33 B&K Precision Corporation CARRY CASE FOR 300 SERIES DMM
1257 B&K Precision Corporation BK Precision NTSC Generator, Composite Video: 1.2 V p-p into 75 Ohm, Chrominance Output: .75 V p-p into 75 Ohm, Luminance Plus Sync Output: 1 V p-p into 75 Ohm, Sound: 1 KHz Audio Tone, Power Requirement: 9 V Battery or AC Adaptor

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DMC-20481NYU-LY-B Optrex LCD Module Specification Original PDF
DMC20481NYU-LY-B Optrex 20characters x 4lines 5x8dots (1character) 0.3-6.5V 2.2mA LCD module Original PDF

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2001 - DMC20481NYU-LY-B

Abstract: HD44780 MSM5259 AW 702
Text: .16 Revision History Rev. Date Page DMC20481NYU-LY-B (AW) No.99-0186 Comment OPTREX OPTREX , DMC20481NYU-LY-B (AW) No.99-0186 OPTREX UE-31010D OPTREX CORPORATION Page 2/16 2.Electrical Specif , Output Voltage Supply Current DMC20481NYU-LY-B (AW) No.99-0186 OPTREX OPTREX CORPORATION , tCYC Fig.2 DMC20481NYU-LY-B (AW) No.99-0186 Read Operation Timing OPTREX OPTREX , =240mA 60 cd/ Backlight Surface DMC20481NYU-LY-B (AW) No.99-0186 OPTREX OPTREX

PDF DMC20481NYU-LY-B DMC20481NYU-LY-B HD44780 MSM5259 AW 702

Abstract: HD44780 MSM5259 NTD-7141 DMC20481NYU-LY-BIE-BLN
Text: * Type No. DMC20481NYU-LY-BIE-BLN Approved by (Quality Assurance Division) ) Checked by (ACI , . 16 Revision History Rev. Date Page Comment DMC20481NYU-LY-BIE-BLN (BL) No , the best efforts to obtain the equivalent certificate from our suppliers. DMC20481NYU-LY-BIE-BLN , Voltage Low Level Output Voltage Supply Current DMC20481NYU-LY-BIE-BLN (BL) No. 2005-0055 OPTREX , DMC20481NYU-LY-BIE-BLN (BL) No. 2005-0055 OPTREX CORPORATION Page 4/16 2.4. Lighting Specifications 2.4.1

PDF DMC20481NYU-LY-BIE-BLN UE-31010 HD44780 MSM5259 NTD-7141 DMC20481NYU-LY-BIE-BLN
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