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Lambda Hybrid LAS 2215

Text: VEECO/L-AMBDA SENICOND GS D I ci447b3ti DDQD77h b A LAMBDA LINEAR REGULATORS T-58-11-13 LAS 2200 SERIES 5 AMP, 85 WATT POSITIVE HYBRID VOLTAGE REGULATORS FEATURES • 0.1% line regulation • 0.2% load regulation • 0.015% temperature coefficient • Low noise • Remote programming and remote sense • Electrically isolated case DESCRIPTION The LAS 2200 Series of Power Hybrid Voltage Regulators is designed for applications requiring a well regulated, low noise, output voltage for load

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PDF ci447b3ti DDQD77h T-58-11-13 cm47bBb Lambda Hybrid LAS 2215 Lambda Hybrid LAMBDA Voltage Regulator lambda LAS lambda LAS 2215 Lambda POWER Hybrid VOLTAGE REGULATOR LAMBDA Voltage Regulator with amps output current LAMBDA Voltage Regulator las lambda transistor lambda 2205
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