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DB101S-G Comchip Technology Corporation Ltd Rectifier Diode,
DB107S-HF Comchip Technology Corporation Ltd RECTIFIER BRIDGE 1A 1000V DBS
DB107STR SMC Diode Solutions PIV 1000VIO 1AVF 11VPACKAGE DB-S
DB107S-G Comchip Technology Corporation Ltd Rectifier Diode,

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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: DB101S-DB107S Silicon Bridge Rectifiers VOLTAGE RANGE: 50 - 1000 V CURRENT: 1.0 A Features Rating to 1000V PRV 1± 0.1 DB-S Surge overload rating to 30 Amperes peak 6.3± 0.2 7.9± 0.2 8.3± 0.3 6.4± 0.1 0.3 1.2± 0.3 10± 0.6 Ideal for printed circuit board Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded plastic technique results in inexpensive product 8.3± 0.1 Lead solderable per MIL-STD , temperature range DB101S-DB107S Silicon Bridge Rectifiers Ratings AND Charactieristic Curves FIG.1 -

PDF DB101S-DB107S MIL-STD-202 300uS

Abstract: DF01S DF02S DF04S DF06S DF08S
Text: DB101S-DB107S SINGLE-PHASE BRIDGE RECTIFIER VOLTAGE RANGE CURRENT 50 to 1000 Volts 1.0 Amperes FEATURES Glass passivated chip junctions Ideal for surface mounted applications Low leakage High forward surge current capability. High temperature soldering guaranteed: o 260 C/10 seconds at terminals. MECHANICAL DATA Case: Transfer molded plastic Epoxy: UL94V-0 rate flame retardant , C DB101S-DB107S FIG.2-MAXIMUM NON-REPETITIVE PEAK OUTPUT RECTIFIED CURRENT FORWARD

PDF DB101S-DB107S UL94V-0 MIL-STD-202E 04ounce 300us 50mvp-p DB101S-DB107S DF01S DF02S DF04S DF06S DF08S
2013 - 2510W

Abstract: RS1M diode
Text: Email: Web: Tel: +86 769 81188110 or +852 8106 7033 Fax: +852 8106 7099 Kingtronics Diode & Bridge Rectifier List (UL) ISO Manufacturer since 1990 Diode Recitifer M7 DO-214AC (1A 1000V)SMA Bridge Rectifier ABS2-ABS6; ABS8; ABS10 LL4148 SOD80, Minimelf MB1S-MB6S ; MB8S, MB10S SM4007 Melf T&R RoHS MB1M-MB6M; MB8M; MB10M S1M, S1G, S2M, S3M DB101-DB107; DB151-DB157 GS1M SMA DO-214AC DB101S-DB107S ; DB151S-DB157S RS1M, US1M, KBP2005-KBP06

PDF DO-214AC ABS10 LL4148 MB10S SM4007 MB10M DB101-DB107; DB151-DB157 DB101S-DB107S; 2510W RS1M diode

Abstract: SBLF1030CT-SBLF10100CT SMD 1N60 SB320-SB3A0 sbl20100 MTZJ 188 RN1Z 1N4139-1N4146 LR kbpc3510 US2A-US2M
Text: .127 MB2S-MB10S MB2M-MB10M S40-S500 B40S-B500S B40D-B500D DB101S-DB107S DB101-DB107

PDF SZQ50A24L3 SZQ50A28L3 SZQ50A34L3 SZQ50A38L3 SZQ50K24L3 SZQ50K28L3 SZQ50K34L3 SZQ50K38L3 SBLF10100CT SBLF1030CT-SBLF10100CT SMD 1N60 SB320-SB3A0 sbl20100 MTZJ 188 RN1Z 1N4139-1N4146 LR kbpc3510 US2A-US2M
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