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CRCW06039K09FKEAHP Vishay Dale VISCRCW06039K09FKEAHP D11/CRCW0603 100 9
CRCW060310M0DKEAP Vishay Dale VISCRCW060310M0DKEAP D11/CRCW0603-P 100
CRCW06035R60JNEB Vishay Dale VISCRCW06035R60JNEB D11/CRCW0603 200 5R6
CRCW06033M92DHEAP Vishay Dale VISCRCW06033M92DHEAP D11/CRCW0603-P 50 3
CRCW06038K25FHEAP Vishay Dale VISCRCW06038K25FHEAP D11/CRCW0603-P 50 8
CRCW060313M0JPEAHR Vishay Dale D11/CRCW0603-HR 500 13M 5% ET1 E3 - Tape and Reel
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D11/CRCW0603-100-62K-1%ET1-E3 Vishay Intertechnologies Chip One Exchange 24,013 - -
D11/CRCW0603100620K1% Vishay Semiconductors Chip One Exchange 4,967 - -
D11/CRCW06031006M81% Vishay Semiconductors Chip One Exchange 4,983 - -

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