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LT 5203

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: MITSUBISHI M5203L,P,FP MITSUBISHI ELEK (LINEAR) S3E V ■bEMTñEh D014G53 524 ■M I T E HIGH-SPEED SWITCH OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER (2-INPUT, 1-OUTPUT) ' DESCRIPTION The M 5203 is a sem iconductor integrated circ u it w ith analog ""f- 8 ] (+ POWER SU PPLY > 7 ] (+ INPUT B > | ] H 5] ^ INPUT B OUTPUT <-l POWER SU PPLY T ] (-( INPUT A 7 ] (+) INPUT A where the gain setting fo r (A and B) can be done separately. A s fo r the basic

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PDF M5203L D014G53 M5260, 5203in 47ki2) LT 5203
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