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CSK20LX CSK20LX ECAD Model Nanjing Chief-Union Sensor M&C Hall-Effect Digital Current Sensor Original PDF

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current sensor 100khz

Abstract: circuit operational 20pf CSK10LX CSK05LX CSK04LX CSK03LX CSK02LX CSK01LX CSK20LX
Text: CSK20LK Hall-Effect Digital Current Sensor Product Information Introduction: CSK20LX is a new generation of current sensor based on the principle of Hall effect. It is widely applied in the fields of light industry, chemical, electromechanical, metallurgical, telecommunication, transportation and household appliances etc. Electric Parameters:CSK01LX CSK02LX CSK03LX CSK04LX CSK05LX CSK10LX CSK20LX IPN Protection Current 123451020A Precision 10% 10% 10%10%10%5% 5% Vcc Operational Voltage 524 V Icc

PDF CSK20LK CSK20LX CSK01LX CSK02LX CSK03LX CSK04LX CSK05LX CSK10LX CSK20LX 23451020A current sensor 100khz circuit operational 20pf
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