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CS8000HB CS8000HB ECAD Model Nanjing Chief-Union Sensor M&C Hall-Effect Current Sensor Original PDF

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energy 3000 ups

Abstract: CS10000HB CS2000HB CS3000HB CS5000HB CS8000HB
Text: CS10000HB Hall-Effect Current Sensor Series Product Information Introduction:CS10000HB Series is a new generation of open -loop current sensor based on the principle of Hall effect. It is applicable for the measuring of DC, AC, pulse and complex waveform current with galvanic isolation. Electric Parameters:CS2000HB CS3000HB CS5000HB CS8000HB CS10000HB IPN Nominal Input Current 200030005000800010000A IP Measurement Range of Input Current 040000600008000013000016000 A VSN Nominal Output Voltage

PDF CS10000HB CS2000HB CS3000HB CS5000HB CS8000HB CS10000HB 00030005000800010000A 15DCV 5KV/50Hz/1min energy 3000 ups
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