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Abstract: COM788Q8 PDP-11 8-COM78808 6-COM78808
Text: STANDARD MICROSYSTEMS CORPORATION COM78808 PRELIMINARY Eight-channel Universal Asynchronous , PIN CONFIGURATION PACKAGE: 68-pin Cerdip quadpack GENERAL DESCRIPTION The COM78808 Eight-channel , . Figure 1 is afunctional block diagram of the COM78808 Octal UART. 157 FIGURE 1 : COM788Q8 OCTAL UART , asserted, it accesses the transmitter holding register. TABLE 2- COM78808 REGISTERS ADDRESS SELECTION ADD , settings of IRQLN ?:0 TABLE 3- COM78808 INTERRUPT REQUEST LINE ASSIGNMENTS IRQ Line Line <2> <1> <0> 0 0 0

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PDF COM78808 14-COM78808 COM788Q8 PDP-11 8-COM78808 6-COM78808
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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: oe R P O R A im < ^ ^ ^ H STANDARD MICROSYSTEMS COM78808 PRELIMINARY Eight-channel Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter Octal UART FEATURES E ight in d e p e n d e n t full du p le x se ria l d a ta lines P ro g ra m m a b le b a u d ra te s in d iv id u a lly s e le c ta b le fo , - FIGURE 3: COM78808 STATUS REGISTERS (LINE 0-6) FORMAT TABLE 4-COM788Q8 STATUS REGISTERS , ATE RECV R ATE · FIGURE 5 - COM78808 MODE REGISTERS 2 (LINE 0-6) FORMAT 162 FIGURE 6-C O M

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PDF COM78808 14-CQM
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