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Abstract: A3079 CD4020A
Text: 23 HARRIS August 1 9 9 1 C43059 C A 307 9 D escription The CA3059 and CA3079 zero-voltage switches are monolithic silicon integrated circuits designed to control a thyristor In a variety of AC power switching applications for AC Input voltages of 24V, 120V, 208/230V, and 277V at 50/60 and 400Hz. Each of the zero-voltage switches incorporates 4 functional blocks (see Fig. 1) as follows: 1. Umiter-Power Supply - Permits operation directly from an AC line. 2. Differential O n/O ff Sensing Amplifier -

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PDF C43059 CA3059 CA3079 208/230V, 400Hz. CA3059H CA3079H. A3079 CD4020A
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