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KEMET Corporation
C322C122K1G5TA7301 Cap Ceramic 0.0012uF 100V C0G 10% Radial 5.08mm 125°C T/R - Tape and Reel (Alt: C322C122K1G5TA7301) C322C122K1G5TA7301 ECAD Model
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C322C122K1G5TA7301 datasheet (1)

Part ECAD Model Manufacturer Description Type PDF
C322C122K1G5TA7301 C322C122K1G5TA7301 ECAD Model KEMET Ceramic Conformally Coated / Radial 'Standard & High Voltage Golden Max' Capacitance [nom]: 1200pF; Working Voltage (Vdc)[max]: 100V; Capacitance Tolerance: +/-10%; Dielectric: Multilayer Ceramic, Conformally Coated; Temperature Coefficient: C0G (NP0); Lead Style: Radial Leaded; Lead Dimensions: 0.200" Lead Spacing; Termination: 100% Tin (Sn); Body Dimensions: 0.200" x 0.260" x 0.150" Container: Tape & Reel; Qty per Container: 2500 Original PDF
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