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Abstract: BDW930 BUW93 BDW93C 8DW93 B0W93B
Text: BDW93, BDW93A, BDW93B, BOW93C NPN SILICON POWER DARLINGTONS Copyright o 1997, Power Innovations Limited, UK SE P TE M B E R 1993 - REVISED M ARCH 1997 · · · · Designed (or Complementary Use with BDW94, BDW94A, BDW94B and BDW94C 80 W at 25°C Case Temperature 12 A Continuous Collector Current Minimum hFE of 7S0 at 3 V, 5 A b c TO-220 P A C K A G E (TOP VIEW) C< E C Pin 2 is in electrical contact with the mounting base. M D T R A C A absolute maximum ratings at 25'C case temperature

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PDF BDW93, BDW93A, BDW93B, BOW93C BDW94, BDW94A, BDW94B BDW94C O-220 BDW93 BDW930 BUW93 BDW93C 8DW93 B0W93B
2010 - BOW93C

Abstract: box33c BOV65B B0701 b0651 BOX83C BOT63B BOX63B BOW83C bow530
Text: BOX83C BOV65B TIP142 BOX67B TIP642 BOW93C BOX65B BOT65B BOT65B 2N6059 PM010K1oo PM010K1oo TIP102 BOW83C

PDF B0267B BD649 5G5132 B0701 TIP132 MJE6045 O-218 O-247var BOW93C box33c BOV65B b0651 BOX83C BOT63B BOX63B BOW83C bow530
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