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Abstract: 100kS BC141
Text: Temperature VCES ?CEO VEBO ic Ptot Tstg I CASE TO-59 C E B BC140 BC14I 80? 100V 40V 60V 7V 7V 1A

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PDF BC140 BC141 BC140, BC141 BCl60, BC14I 650raW 100kS

Abstract: transistor Bc 141 bc 141
Text: BC 140 BC 141 SILICON PLANAR NPN GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSISTORS The I3C140 and BC14I are silicon planar epitaxial NPN transistors in TO-39 metal case. They are particularly designed for audio amplifiers and switching applications up to 1 A. The complementary PNP types are the BC 160 and BC 161. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS BC 140 BC 141 vcbo Collector-base voltage (lE = 0) 60 V 80 V VCE0 Collector-emitter voltage (lB = 0) 40 V 60 V Vebo Emitter-base voltage (lc = 0) 7 V "c Collector current 1 A >B

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PDF I3C140 BC14I bc140 transistor Bc 141 bc 141

Abstract: AP239 Transistor 80139 8C547 2N50B IN2222A 6C131C radio AC176 AC126 sft353 2N2064
Text: No file text available

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